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DT Components Hand Installed Wheel Seals

About This Product

DT Components wheel seals are designed to be easily hand installed elimating the need for expensive installation tools.  Customers can still use an installation tool or flat surface to install the seal if desired.

Key Product Features of DT Components Wheel Seals

  • 3 Piece Cartridge Design
  • Hydrodynamic Primary Sealing Lip
  • Polished Seal Lip Running Surface
  • Wide Sealing Surface In Wheel Hub
  • Wide Sealing Surface On Spindle Shoulder
  • Protected Seal Lip
  • Axial Dirt Lip
  • Metal To Metal Contact In Bottom Of Wheel Hub
  • Controlled Lubrication Hole
  • Zinc Plated Metal Surfaces

For further information on this product, please contact our sales department.

  by phone at (800) 627-0700.
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